A Match in Sustainability and Profitability: URB-E and PackIt Fresh


The sustainability issue in last-mile delivery has finally been solved! URB-E and PackIt Fresh freezable totes, on bikes, are now providing delivery of fresh, cold food with zero emissions!


URB-E announced its choice of PackIt Fresh as its preferred final-mile refrigeration provider on June 1, 2021. When you pair PackIt Fresh innovative, reusable, freezable totes with URB-E’s containers, you get a zero-emission, low-congestion, low-cost replacement for refrigerated trucks and vans that can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and up to 11 metric tons of CO2 per vehicle.


Now, perishables can be kept at food-safe temperatures for up to 24 hours without the need for added ice packs, dry ice or active cooling. This is a boon for food and grocery delivery providers looking to reduce expenses in an industry with notoriously narrow margins, plus it meets the sustainability demands of consumers.


“With the increase in online sales resulting from the pandemic, we saw a way to provide an ecofriendly solution to deliver cold goods using a service that is able to move food and other temperature-sensitive products. This made URB-E a natural partner for PackIt Fresh to help safely deliver perishable items and save the environment from emissions and cooling trucks and vans,” says Melissa Kieling, CEO of PackIt Fresh.


“We know the final mile of the supply chain is the most expensive, and because our totes keep groceries cold, URB-E now can use longer routes with more deliveries per route, bringing down the cost per delivery. PackIt Fresh puts profit back into the delivery of perishable items.”