• What if You Could Increase Online Order Throughput by 15%?

    The PackIt Fresh team has been busy mining its grocer partner data over the past couple weeks. We’re seeking to quantify the answer to a single question: what kind of savings is the PackIt Fresh mobile refrigeration solution delivering to its current grocery partners?
  • Meeting Market Demand Through Innovation

    When the PackIt Fresh Innovations team commenced development on our commercial refrigeration system for online grocery order fulfillment back in 2018, we were eager to bring innovation to a then nascent yet estimated $20 Billion marketplace. That figure represented roughly 2.5% of the then $1 Trillion food and beverage retail market.
  • Part Of The Solution: PackIt Extends 10-Year Sustainability Mission To Rapidly Expanding Online Grocery Orders

    The PackIt leadership team closed 2021 with some fresh insights on the growing need for grocers to introduce efficiencies and scalability into the...
  • Scalability: The Secret To Building Efficiency Into The Final Mile

    Grocers across the globe stretched to manage a 5X year-over-year increase in online orders in 2020. Part of this growth was fueled by customers’ n...
  • Creating Efficiencies

    Online grocery ordering experienced another record year in 2021 and PackIt Fresh EcoFreeze™ totes were there! We rolled out pilot programs inside major grocery chains, as well as smaller retail operations both here in the U.S. and abroad. As we look ahead to 2022, a few members of the team and I thought it would be a good idea to share our perspectives on what these use cases have taught us and can teach our current and future PackIt Fresh partners. 
  • Be Cool: Refrigerated Picking and Packing for Multiple Applications

    The bigger the grocery chain, the more complex the picking-and-packing applications — especially when it comes to refrigeration. During the generally inefficient and extremely costly final mile of the cold supply chain, refrigeration is often the stumbling block that keeps food-related retailers up at night. Redundant processes, expensive buildouts and even more expensive transportation are all regularly employed to ensure perishables stay fresh.
  • Will the Cold Chain Be Unbroken? Solving for Final-Mile Refrigeration

    What if we could solve for refrigeration in a nimble, cost-effective, mobile way? What if, from the moment perishables are picked to the moment they are received by the customer, there were an easy way to control for the crazy-expensive refrigeration portion of the equation? Well, we did, and there is.
  • A Match in Sustainability and Profitability: URB-E and PackIt Fresh

      The sustainability issue in last-mile delivery has finally been solved! URB-E and PackIt Fresh freezable totes, on bikes, are now providing del...
  • Single-Use Food-Delivery Packaging: What is the Real Cost of Convenience?

    Like so many people these days, I love the convenience of having meal kits and groceries delivered to my home. But when a trash heap filled with...
  • Reuse is the New Recycle

    Environmentally minded Americans thought they were doing the right thing. For decades, they diligently separated their garbage into appropriate re...
  • Your Customers Want Sustainable Packaging

    Pandemic-induced buying has fueled crazy growth in e-commerce, and with that comes an exponential increase in the packaging that carries those ord...
  • Sustainable Packaging Provides a Key to Sustainable Growth

      Few of us prize a garage full of garbage. And even fewer people like a landfill. Consumers are making their likes and dislikes known, and public...