Part Of The Solution: PackIt Extends 10-Year Sustainability Mission To Rapidly Expanding Online Grocery Orders

PackIt Fresh Team Members

The PackIt leadership team closed 2021 with some fresh insights on the growing need for grocers to introduce efficiencies and scalability into the burgeoning online grocery orders marketplace. While meeting these two objectives is critical to every retailer’s success, their deep commitments to the planet are becoming an increasingly pressing matter.     

Todd Tingley, VP of Strategic Partnerships

More and more retailers are doubling down on their shared mission to protect our global environment. Meaningful action from major chains such as Kroger and WalMart are already serving to reduce waste along the product chain, as well as decarbonize day-to-day operations. The PackIt Fresh refrigeration solution is part and parcel of this mission.

PackIt was founded on a basic principle: keep food fresh and eliminate waste. For more than a decade, our innovative food storage designs have helped families across the globe decrease their carbon footprint. While we were proud of our market-leading sustainability position, we knew we could do even more for the environment and on a far greater scale. Enter PackIt Fresh.

Like our PackIt line of cooler bags and containers, the innovative PackIt Fresh refrigeration system is solution-based and serves a massive (and growing) market: online grocery order fulfillment. Patented EcoFreeze Technology is built into the walls of every reusable PackIt Fresh tote. Groceries are picked from store and warehouse shelves directly into the PackIt Fresh tote for online order pickup or delivery. EcoFreeze technology keeps perishables cold and food-safe for 15 hours.

PackIt Fresh totes also collapse to freeze overnight. Our partners have told us that the fifteen-hour food-safe temperatures our EcoFreeze totes deliver has led to a huge increase in hourly order fulfillment operations.

Now, ineffective frozen water bottles, ice-packs, plastic bags and corrugated boxes can be a thing of the past. Suddenly, retailers’ goals of transitioning to low-impact refrigerants for cooling in their stores, clubs, and distribution centers is possible. Their sustainability goals are well within reach.

As important as it is, PackIt’s commitment to conservation is simply part of the company’s DNA. I’m extremely proud to know our innovations are poised to advance many of our partners’ key business objectives in 2022 and beyond.

Later this week, our President and Founder Melissa Kieling will share more on PackIt’s history and the future of PackIt and PackIt Fresh.