What if You Could Increase Online Order Throughput by 15%?

PackIt Fresh Pick and Pack

The PackIt Fresh team has been busy mining its grocer partner data over the past couple weeks. We’re seeking to quantify the answer to a single question: what kind of savings is the PackIt Fresh mobile refrigeration solution delivering to its current grocery partners? Given the broad impact PackIt Fresh freezable totes can have on the final mile of online grocery order delivery, the question is not a simple one to answer. We decided it best to tackle that single question from a few different angles, beginning with the pick and pack side of the business.

– Quentin Kluthe, CEO 

The mission of the pick and pack, seems simple on its face. Don’t a few billion people across the globe shop for their own groceries every week? Walking the aisles with a cart or basket, opening refrigerator doors, pausing to examine produce, double-checking an expiration date, discovering a desired item is out-of-stock and finding a replacement, and soon rolling their groceries through the checkout line and on home. Sure, there are a few moments that rely on subjectivity or good commonsense, but those potential barriers are nowhere near insurmountable.

The seemingly simple task becomes exponentially more complex when order pickers are tasked with fulfilling multiple online orders at once. Picking and packing in a timely enough fashion to keep refrigerated and frozen items at or near temperature and precious produce unharmed has proven pretty labor intensive and that labor cost has added up quickly for grocers over the past few years. Layer onto that, the time it takes to then get these orders to their respective delivery addresses or into a refrigerated staging area for customer pick-up and minutes quickly become hours.

This is where the finance guy in me gets excited. PackIt Fresh totes eliminate the need for pickers to ferry items to and from three different temperature zones: ambient, refrigerated and frozen. The totes also enable one-loop pick-routing, meaning items are touched only once. Time case-studies show that pick-and-pack labor is reduced by at least 15%, enabling significant cost/order savings and higher throughput and revenues.

Higher throughput from existing store staff enables fulfillment of more online orders. Costs going down while margins go up means the return on the PackIt Fresh mobile refrigeration solution starts with the very first online order filled.

The PackIt Fresh benefits don’t stop with labor savings. Melissa and Todd will share more details on capital expenditure savings, the advantages of longer delivery routes, and good ol’ fashioned customer satisfaction in the coming weeks.

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